Fantasy Shields

I currently worked on a small Flash project to get back into the technology and AS3 programming as I've done little in the area for quite some time now. This kind of a generator / editor program allowing you to create your own Crests or Coat of Arms. Content is dynamic and there is plenty of room for improvements. <br><br> Check out at <a href="">Fantasy Shields</a><br><br>Screenshots will follow

Music Video - Ready for War

A musicvideo. The main responsibility for me laid in the Compositing department.

One Zero

In an imposing cityscape a multitude of hard-working inhabitants continue to make things even bigger. None escapes the precision and control of this gigantic clockwork. Until a worker stumbles over a flaw in the system and finds some new things existing outside the system.

Book Cover - der Wächter

Recently I converted one of my fantasy paintings to a full-fledged book cover for an upstart German fantasy author. The work was a lot of fun and I hope his book will be a full success. The book is currently distributed in Germany in a first small edition and can be bought at <a href="">Amazon</a>

Fantasy Runes

I developed a few fantasy scripts when I was in school. Lateron I turnt one into working truetype fonts. I decided to post them here where you are free to use them for non commercial use:

Project Swordfight

Swordfight is a study on the usage of some non-realistic rendering tools and own shaders. The short clip was a test in how the look and feel of such an animation might look like.


During my internship at Realtime Technology I realized a 3D animation for a new type of gear from BMW. The animation should show the advantages of this new technology in a snowy countryside and = the security risks this gear can offset. For this purpose I created a 4 minute presentation movie of two cars driving through a hilly, snowcovered countryside.


An abstract animation with After Effects to the tunes of "Minotaur - Modus operandi" by Photek.

Bermuda - Harry Blum got Zapped!

"Harry Blum got zapped" is a traditional adventure game in the style of "Monkey island". The game was created with an independant GameEngine devloped alongside the game - dubbed the "Bermuda Engine - with a very own Skripting language based on XM syntaxL. tasks: project management, programming, animation

Project Run

Locked in a strange base, the hero of this short movie has to reach the hangar before the countdown reaches zero. A SF-short movie and the first experience with charakter animation in Maya.


A presentation movie for new HUD technology of BMW.


This project in December of 2005 was about developing a web design for an upcoming Webshop selling DVDs and other media. I was to develop a first design for the shop. This shows various design drafts developed for the company.