Happy New Year

Hello everyone. I hope you had a happy new year and merry holidays left and right. I essepcially had since I was on vaction the recent two weaks and have been working on my recent Flash project some more. Nothing fancy but you can check out the work in progress under Fantasy Shields.

It’s a Coat of Arms generator. Currently I’m mainly occupied with cleaning it up and adding more content to it. It was mainly a small project to get myself into Flash and Actionscript again (and oh I loathed it) and do something fancy instead of my usual programming. I hope you enjoy this little toy and play around with it a little.

Additionally I tweaked and worked on the design of this site. Might give it a small facelift laterone. The current one was more fixing some out of place layouting and organization of elements. Oh, and check out the art section as I added some sketches and similar over the weeks, but couldn’t be bothered to mention it! 😉


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